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Saturday, August 23, 2014
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New Maine Assistant Director, Carla Beaudoin!
New West Virginia State Director!
New Nevada State Director!
Thank you BAA member, Larry Schillings!
New State Director - Oregon!
Well Done Massachusetts BAA Member Kimberly Shaw!
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Bugles Across America
By JDay on 4/29/2011 1:42 AM
I received the bugle yesterday.  WOW!  I can't believe how beautiful it looks for being so old!
You must have a great repair person you work with, it is just amazing.

I quickly put my mouthpiece in and played taps, and it sounds beautiful too!

Thanks again for doing that.  I look forward to assisting BAA as often as I can.

David T.
By JDay on 4/29/2011 12:39 AM

Hello! I am the Wisconsin State Director for BAA and I am asking for your help! 

I would like horn players to help with a Rolling again this year.  Please respond to me and let me know you can come! Bring a friend that plays or just bring a friend! I am hoping to do this 3 times this year! May (Armed Forces Day) Aug (End of WW2) and Sept (Sept.11th). This will all be done in Milwaukee unless someone wants to do one elsewhere.  We will be meeting at Wood National Cemetery at 10am and performing at 11am.  Please let me know and I will get more info!          

Thank you!! 

Bill Seaman

(414) 331-8651

By JDay on 4/23/2011 3:47 PM
When I see bugler requests that don't get volunteered for in time to cover the event, my spirit plummets.  I know there is only so much we can do being volunteer based and most people really do understand that.  Sometimes I feel compelled to email the requester apologizing for not being able to find a bugler in time for their service.  I saw one last week and realized this one particular request didn't stand a chance.  The Indiana zip code that was put in had 2 extra numbers and the web system didn't know what to do with it.... so it emailed the request to all the buglers in New York, Jew Jersey and Connecticut.   I emailed this gentleman and apologized that this error wasn't caught in time to correct it and find someone to play for his father.    .... I got a surprising email back. "Jennifer,     One of the buglers from Connecticut called me and told me about the zip code, and I re-submitted a corrected form, and a bugler near Indianapolis has contacted me, and is going to provide the service for my family and my father.  I also had the wrong date, as the service is on the 19th, not the 18th.  All has been corrected and plans have been made.  Thanks for your reply, and for the service all of you provide.  It is greatly appreciated!...
By JDay on 4/23/2011 3:35 PM
Someone shared with me a really wonderful obituary article in the January 17, 2002 New York Times of Keith Clark, Bugler for Kennedy.  We thought it might interest you.
By JDay on 4/23/2011 2:26 PM
Hello all.

As May approaches, that means one things for many of the buglers on this list...Memorial Day.

Now, what I will encourage everyone on here to do is one of a few things:

1 - Find local celebrations in your area.  Many things going on and around Memorial Day would be great opportunities to provide Taps and/or provide information to various organizations and people who could use our services.

2 - Help at the Alabama National Cemetery.  A group of Veterans who work in conjunction with us will be putting together a program for Memorial Day at the Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo, Alabama.  If you can be there that weekend, please let me know by the end of next week so I can get a firm head count and so I can properly plan our part in the program.

I hope everyone is doing well.  We have had a few new people sign on to the BAA main site in the last few months.  I have emailed each of you and also added you to this list.  Your next step is to contact me via phone (see...
By JDay on 4/23/2011 2:19 PM
The family of Spec. Michelle M. Witmer (see link) have agreed to participate in our pre –Memorial Day Activities at Wood, on Friday 27 May.

We wanted to Muster at the “Memorial Area” Rally Point at Wood at 0830 - and conduct the following PROPOSED short Memorial Service, as follows:

1.) A short Benediction (my Church Pastor an ex-USMC Vietnam Vet will handle this piece)

2.) LTC Kaderavek’s men (if they will agree) will then raise a 5’ x 9-1/2’ flag we have prepared for this purpose on the main Flag Pole - alongside the Civil War Monument at Wood (with Bugler Sounding “To the Colors” – Bill Seaman of “Bugles Across America” has agreed to do this part)

3.) The same Honor Guard will lower the Flag to the Bugle Call of: “Retreat” (Bill Seaman again)

4.)  Flag Folding by LTC Kaderavek’s men - with the group presentation of those...
By JDay on 4/20/2011 3:50 PM
Join us in our first ever Connecticut BAA event designed to bring us all together as a group to meet, have lunch, speak with our own CT National Guard, receive playing tips from some accomplished buglers, discuss our goals, learn what is new at BAA, and play Taps together. This will be informative and fun for everyone. Bring your trumpet or bugle!  Click Read More for more details.
By JDay on 4/15/2011 11:54 PM
Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah (actually Syracuse, Utah).

Just a thought - Steven Hinrichs, the young man who put together the “Bugles Across America – Recruiting Video,” for his Eagle Scout Project (now on BAA Forums and YouTube)  will be awarded his Eagle Scout Badge at a special Court of Honor Friday, May 20th at 7:00 PM at his church in North Ogden, Utah.

His mother, Judy Hinrichs has asked me to take a few minutes RE: BAA and the rigors Steven experienced in completing the requirements for his project.  I told her it would be my honor to do so.

Semper Fi,

L. Brent Christensen

SD Utah
By JDay on 4/13/2011 2:26 PM
Summer time brings out the buglers-in-training at Camp Roosevelt in E. Eddington, ME.  Aspiring buglers under the guidance of veteran bugler Peter Duston learn the basic bugle calls required for Bugling Merit Badge, the rarest Merit Badge of the 120 offered by the Boy Scouts. It was reported that last year, only about 200 Bugling Merit Badges were earned by the 2 million registered members of the BSA and in fact, the BSA tried unsuccessfully to retire Bugling as a Merit Badge.  Each week of the four weeks of camp sees 5 or 6 boys try out for bugling. Some are trumpet players in their school bands and some just want to make noise with a bugle.  Bugling Merit Badge requires proficiency in bugling and the memorization of 15 bugle calls, many of which are difficult and rarely used. Taps, of course, is the most important one as we BAA members know. Those 24 solemn notes represent the prayer of a grateful nation for the service of our deceased veterans and the sacrifice of our fallen noble warriors.  Attention to...
By JDay on 4/11/2011 5:06 PM
Attn. All Buglers.

Mr. Ed Sobolewski has been making custom BAA name tag for us for several years and they have our logo on them. Should you want to get one made up for your uniform or blazer contact Ed at
or write to him at
Engravings by Ed
51232 Freedom Way
Belleville, Mich, 48111-4254

Ed does great work and gives back to BAA $0.50 on each order!


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