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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Bugles Across America
By JDay on 5/28/2011 10:57 AM
We had a couple of writers cover the event on Sunday. One will be published in our weekend paper, the "Fairfield Citizen News" for Memorial Day, and the other has been published on line already. To read it, click on the link:   It went really well, and all had a good time.

Have a great weekend-
By JDay on 5/28/2011 10:03 AM
Hey all,
We were informed from a bugler that he had been interviewed by his local television station (Ch 3) in Shreveport, LA about BAA and let us know that it should be airing on Memorial Day.   If anyone knows how to get the footage, we'd love for it to be posted on YouTube so we can can post it on the main and Facebook site.

If you know of any other footage that will be airing regarding BAA, please let us know (and if you can, send us a link to the footage, Great!).

You can send it to Tom D, Larry W or myself (Jennifer Day) and we'll make sure it's posted on the site. 
By JDay on 5/25/2011 1:23 AM
Well, Monday is a big day for many in our state.  If you have not been contacted or asked to provide Taps for the day of remembrance we call Memorial Day, let me offer up two options: 1 - The Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo, Alabama will be doing a big presentation on Monday starting at 9AM.  I have been asked to do an echo Taps with a SGT Crenshaw who is part of a Veterans association that works on events out at the cemetery.  If you can make it, we can always use more echo buglers.  If you want to, contact me back.  Chances are we would meet at about 7:30 out there to rehearse the proper echo so everyone is on the same page...and somewhat in tune.  LOL. 2 - Find a local Veterans park in your area.  What I will do that evening in Gardendale, is go to the Veterans Park and provide Taps at the official time for sundown to finish out the day.  Usually no one is there and you may get some strange looks from onlookers...but it is in the spirit of remembrance and honor that we do these things. I hope...
By JDay on 5/23/2011 12:50 AM
Reported for duty at 0830 Saturday morning at the National Guard Armory.  I was going to ride with the NG team to a funeral up in McMinn County (about half way between Chatt and Knoxville). Since I was early, I was just standing around my car when another car pulled in the parking lot and it was David Davidson, another BAA bugler.  My first thought was, "oh great, they've double-booked us to make sure at least one bugler showed" but as it turned out, David Davidson was going out with another MFH team to a funeral in Winchester, TN (about halfway between Chatt and Nashville). This was his first mission with the NG.   So we "live buglers" were put to good use this morning!   While we waited, we discussed several topics and he was surprised when I told him he could wear his Army uniform to do MFH.  Davidson was in the 1st Cav down in Ft. Hood, TX.  I don't know if they'll let me wear his Stetson, but I think it'd look sharp!   It was nice getting to ride with Sgt. Brewer and Sgt. Parker.  I felt like we got the...
By JDay on 5/14/2011 3:46 PM
After serving as Michigan State director since the onset of BAA, Ross Medos has stepped down from this position. Thank you Ross for doing yeoman’s service. The families of all the Veterans we have sounded Taps for have benefited from your involvement. Ross has asked me to consider moving into the role of State Director and I have accepted. Therefore, I wish to introduce myself to all of you. Name; Forest Malott Residence; Pinckney, Michigan (about 20 miles NNE of Ann Arbor) Aged 65 years, married, 3 adult children, 3 grandkids, newly retired from U of M hospital.  I played Bb Base & Sousaphone in High School, but nothing more until I picked up a Bugle in 1994 just to goof around with. I discovered the BAA web page in late 2004 & volunteered. Sounded Taps for my 1st service May 7th, 2005 using an old Rexcraft Boy Scout Bugle given to me by a friend. I have since moved up to a Getzen AFT and been involved with local funerals & other “events” when the Howell Marine Corp League needed me; sounded calls...
By JDay on 5/14/2011 3:39 PM
Hey everyone,

Just wanted you to be aware of the new car magnets that will be available for purchase soon.  Here are some examples.
By JDay on 5/11/2011 10:57 PM

I had been asked to be at a Navy funeral on Tuesday. Only, upon showing up, I found they had a live bugler.  The young man and I met and it so happened that we knew certain people in the music circles we run in. 

Anyway, the OIC asked that we try Echo Taps. It was really an honor the team asked…multiple times… that we do the Echo.  Three rehearsals later, the family got two buglers…. And I made a new friend. It served as a reminder that at least this Navy funeral team honors and appreciates what we do. In fact, their bugler served with BAA for a short time in California. 


Gene Ramsay

By JDay on 5/9/2011 10:33 PM
It is with sorrow that I must resign as Oregon State Director for Bugles Across America, and also as a volunteer bugler.  The opportunities and events have introduced me to a special group of people and have helped me develop a deeper respect for Veterans and our military, and for the people who support them.

Your vision in developing this service is inspirational and appreciated by many.  Those who hear the final 24 Notes to honor the veterans with the dignity they deserve will remember that special moment forever. 

 I have been honored to serve with you and your organization.

With great respect,

Greg Lampson

 ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

With the absence of an Oregon State Director, we are obviously looking for someone to fill Greg’s shoes.  If you know of anyone who might like to take on the role, please email Tom Day, Larry Wiseman or Howard Reitenbaugh.  Thank you!

By JDay on 5/4/2011 8:53 PM
Hi Tom, First, thanks for all the different patches for the scout merit badges...I only asked for the ones for the bugler. Your generosity is always a source of inspiration. Second, I read the news article on the website about the bugler who was sounding Taps for the second time. I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with him/her. I go through the same things myself. Having flown military and civilian jets responsible for the lives of hundreds of peoples, you would think I would be ok sounding Taps. Not So! I have been blessed the last year to be associated with the memorial squad at the Lincoln National Cemetery. Ed Crobie, as leader of the squad's buglers, is amazing. His encouragement and guidance has been unbelievable. My only goal is to sound Taps as well as he does. So please send along my email address to R.M. Tell him/her I said hi and I'm a newbie too. I would very much like to offer some encouragement...and of course talk about airplanes :) Thanks D.K....
By JDay on 5/2/2011 1:23 PM
Hi Tom,   Just a quick email to let you know that I volunteered for another Taps sounding thru a request from Bugles Across America.  This time everything went very well.  Not sure if you remember me from last December or not.  I was the one who emailed you about my first sounding of Taps for a funeral that was not perfect, and I felt really bad about it.  I practiced a lot more and used the techniques you emailed me back with.  This time, though I was really nervous, had an upset stomach, and did not sleep much the night before, it went off very well.  I really do not know why I get so nervous about this, other than it is such a solemn event and people are grieving the loss of a loved one, and I really do not want to make any mistakes at all.  I have flown combat missions and had many check rides in the plane that did not worry me as much as sounding Taps at a funeral.  Go figure.  Anyway, I will keep practicing and volunteering and hopefully I will get to a point where I can do this without so much fear and nervousness.  I have noticed that I tend to sound Taps the best when I first start practicing rather than when I have been practicing it for any time longer than 10 or 15 mins.  So on the day of the event I will practice it early that day for about 5 mins.  Then just do a quick buzzing with the mouth piece followed with three short notes right before the service starts and the people arrive at the site....

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