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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Bugles Across America
By JDay on 7/29/2011 2:06 PM
Hello all, We just received some great news today concerning The 2011 Concert At The Park at The Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park.   We have confirmed that we have two very special M.C.s this year….   -  Bob Hope of the USO, the nephew of THE great Bob Hope will be joining us! We will also have 100 collectable sets of 33LP Records of the great Bob Hope USO shows. These LPs contain recordings and photos of the Who’s Who of entertainment…..Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Judie Garland and 100s more… -  Tom Sweeney of the Fisher House – Greater Cleveland. Tom Sweeney is the Taskforce Chairman for Greater Cleveland. He is also a retired WKYC weekend Anchor. Mr. Sweeney is in charge of the project to build a Fisher House in Cleveland for the families of veterans being treated at the Louise Stokes Veterans Hospital . This is a great organization and they need your support. The Fisher House provides lodging and support to the families of our heroes! Donations can be made on the day of the concert or at any...
By JDay on 7/29/2011 2:01 PM
Once in the last year they were about to dispose of Bugling all together and for now they are keeping it.

- Tom



As a long time member of the BSA, as well as a bugler, I would like to see Bugles Across America NFP added to the list of Websites and Organizations in the Resources section of the Music and Bugling merit badge book.

In 1999, when the Department of Defense issued a directive listing guidelines for honoring members of the military services, one of the points emphasized the performance of Taps by a live bugler, either military or civilian. As a result, Bugles Across America NFP, a volunteer non-profit organization was founded by former marine Thomas Day in 2001.  The only requirement is that the bugler (who can be of any age, race, creed, nationality or physical appearance) be able to “ . . . play the 24 notes of Taps with an ease and style that will do honor to the Veterans, their families, and the burial detail performing the service.”

By LarryWiseman on 7/27/2011 5:49 PM

As a National Coordinator, I have had the priviledge and honor of knowing Mr. Hartmut Hausser for several years now. Although we have not formally met, my wife Susan(The Tribute Lady) and I have spoken to him by phone and email, so many times that we feel like he is one of our family. He is indeed one of our BAA family members, and his love and devotion to our Nation, to both honor our troops, and to take care of them at Landsthul, is beyond description. Below is a wonderful letter of commendation from Major David Kirk, US Army; one of many that we have received, honoring our brother Hartmut, former German paratrooper himself.

By JDay on 7/23/2011 6:25 PM
To all American Buglers,

This is an open letter to all members of Bugles Across America.  The 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is coming fast upon us and I invite all buglers to participate in playing Taps at the exact time of each of the four attacks on the United States and its citizens on that fateful day.

During our first “September 11th Memorial Taps” last year, we had over 200 participants and I consider that a great success considering that I only contacted buglers about 10 days prior to September 11th.  Once again I thank all those participants along with the fire and police departments that joined some of our buglers.

This year on the second “September 11th Memorial Taps” our goal is to have at least 1,000 buglers participate.  We have a little more time to plan for this years “September 11th Memorial Taps.”

I strongly believe that there is a need to remind the American public of this “Second Day of Infamy” in a meaningful and emotional way.  What can be more meaningful...
By JDay on 7/23/2011 6:13 PM
Perhaps some of you Ohio buglers may be participating in this already, but for those of you who aren't, this sounds like a great event!  There is more info below to download if you're interested! *********************** First, I would like to thank you for your support at The Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park. Without your collective support, we could not have achieved what we have done so far.   As many of you already know, we will be having an event on August 14, 2011 at The Park. I have attached four of our flyers concerning the event. Below is a summary of the days events…   Sunday, August 14, 2011 the Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park is proud to announce a Concert in the Park.  The event is being held to help raise awareness of the park and honor the men and women that have sacrificed so much to ensure that the rest of us enjoy the freedoms most of us take for granted.   The day’s activities include: ·         A 5K run to the wall which is part of the Subway Challenge Series.  Registration will begin at...
By JDay on 7/13/2011 4:17 PM
Bugles Across America and Jostens have created an official BAA ring that is available for order.  About the rings is on the first photo.  The pricing and photos of the BAA design is on the second page. Downloadable links below!



By JDay on 7/12/2011 3:20 PM
In years past I have had the honor to help coordinate these services  Last year we had the honor of using University High School Band Buglers as well as Deltona High school band.   The 2 band directors and I will have to know if you wish to have 2 buglers go to the post for your opening service?   Also orange City Fire Department would like you to come out and cover the Orange City Program involving them the police Department and the City I suspect.   It will be only one firing after you finish at the post.  Debary has the Army coming in this year for their rifle team.  So you only have to cover Orange City this year if you can?   I am getting a jump on this because as of right now I have 53 requests for bugler support alone.  Also I need at least a month to get this out to the press.  If it is OK with Orange City and you.   I will forward this to Orange City Fire Department and the city also.  Please see what you can do. I know you are busy also. I am also forwarding this to LTC Moore-Loban JROTC at Deltona High School for a color Guard if she wishes to help?  ...
By JDay on 7/10/2011 2:29 AM
Hello Friends of Veterans and Organizations:     We are having several Veteran events in DeKalb County the last week of July. Please help us get the word out and all Veterans and Veteran Support Groups are welcome to any event. Thur. July 28      US Navy Show Band in concert with a USO Tribute type show         7 PM           Honoring DeKalb County Veterans and a Salute to ALL Service members                             Hopkins Park Band Shell - DeKalb, IL Fri. July 29     Kishwaukee Fest Parade honoring "Wounded Veteran Organizations"         7 PM                        Lincoln Highway (ILL 38) Downtown - DeKalb, IL                        NOTE: We will honor any special Veteran or organization - call for details                        Special Request: Still seeking a Honorary Parade Marshal (veteran) Sat. July 30     Veteran Fest 2011 honoring "Honoring Viet Nam & WWII Vets"       11 AM       Concerts and Food - on Face Book -Veteran Fest 2011                        ...
By JDay on 7/10/2011 2:26 AM
Hello all. Many of you should already be aware of the Proclamation that took place last year about Spirit of '45 Day across our nation.  This year marks the second year of this celebration and Bugles Across America and BAA in Alabama received national recognition for our part in the festivities. This year is even more special as the goal for this year during Spirit of '45 Day is to have at least 1945 bugler play Echo Taps across our nation starting on the east coast and ending in Hawaii, in honor of the final day of WWII. Last year, many of you remembered our fallen in a very personal way as time would not allow you to participate in any of the larger festivities.  I am sending this email to let all of you know that this year, Spirit of '45 Day will be held on SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2011.  The largest element in Alabama that remembered this day was headed up by BAA in Alabama and the Alabama National Cemetery.  It received the recognition we had hoped and we are planning to do it again. Last year, I was...
By JDay on 7/7/2011 2:25 PM
Jim Doepke playing TAPS at Arlington House and Vietnam Memorials on July 1st, 2011.  Jim has been a member since Tom Day started BAA.

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