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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Bugles Across America
By JDay on 8/30/2012 4:11 PM
Dear Buglers Across America, On Wednesday afternoon my father-in-law, George B. Gardner was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. He lost his 5 year battle with Alzheimer's disease. He was 94 years of age and a World War II veteran. He is also a Silver Star recipient. Thanks to Bugles Across America, I was able to fulfill George's greatest dream of having "Taps" played at his funeral. On this Thursday morning after George's funeral, I'm compelled to write this letter of appreciation on behalf of my entire family. The service you provided was above and beyond anything I could have expected! Within an hour of sending the initial letter of inquiry I was contacted by a bugler who confirmed he would play "Taps" at George's service!   On behalf of my entire family I want to THANK Bugles Across America for making a "Warriors" dream come true! We were so honored to see Sheldon Gordon standing at attention in full uniform at the curb as we pulled up to the grave site. Sheldon's appearance...
By JDay on 8/23/2012 12:14 AM
Here is a short conversation of how an event is born. People get involved and an event develops.  We will see how it turns out. God Bless America, Tom Day, Founder *** Question: "I live in Wichita, Kansas and currently not involved in any special event for 9/11, but think it would be great to participate in one, possibly even organize one. Can you give me tips on what my next steps should be?  Here in Wichita, many things are centered around the Arkansas River that runs right thru downtown and has many memorials to fallen soldiers in one specific area of the river walk. Wouldn’t it be great on 9/11 to line the walk way by the military memorials with as many buglers as possible that morning at  the time of the first tower being hit to play taps?  That would send a message to our town that 9/11 has not been forgotten.  Any next steps you could suggest would be appreciated." Answer: "Pick a spot in town, Tell the press and gather friends and play Taps 4 times in each direction.  Tom Day" Reply: "I have...
By JDay on 8/22/2012 11:58 PM
Mason Miller Muster chairperson at Texas' A & M university said BAA supplied the music and Taps for the 2012 Muster In Waco, Texas.  They loved BAA.

Barry L. Probst of the reunion of the U.S.S. Boston shipmates sent a letter stating that buglers David Breth and William Miles did a great job sounding Taps at their 2012 reunion in Buffalo NY on 7-14-2012.

Just some of the good work BAA does around the country, and it looks like 9-11 will be a real event nationwide.

Tom Day, Founder
By JDay on 8/17/2012 12:57 AM



Funeral of an Old Soldier, by Steven Grzesik (AKA Ranger Steve)

Bushnell National Cemetery lies tucked away behind a forest preserve, off a country road in a very beautiful, rural area of Florida.  It is dotted with giant oak trees and carefully placed blooming plants. During the day, hoove marks from deer eating acorns at night are visible everywhere. All in all, it is one of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever seen. It is here that I went through ‘basic bugle training’ with the Florida National Guard. Tom Day had sent me my first bugle and I played Taps those first months under the supervision of Sgt. Jones, a fair man, but a perfectionist as far as his funeral details went.

The day was perfect. Sgt. Jones’ soldiers’ uniforms and attitude were perfect. When the call, “Mission”, was given, everyone was in their proper place...
By JDay on 8/15/2012 11:57 PM
Thank from the bottom of my heart for providing a bugler to play Taps during the Honors ceremony at my husband's services. My husband was Arvy A. Geurin, Navy veteran of WWII, Iwo Jima Survivor who went ashore with the Marines. He deserved an Honors Ceremony with a live bugler, and that's exactly what there was, thanks to Bugles Across America. I cannot express how much it meant to hear the bugler and know that my husband was being honored. It was both sad and beautiful. I don't know the name of the bugler; I was in no shape to greet him after the services, but he played beautifully and from the heart. It was at the Santa Cruz Memorial Park, Crystal Chapel, on August 3, 2012. Please thank him on my behalf and the behalf of my family.
Gale G.

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