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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Bugles Across America
Author: SuperUser Account Created: 9/2/2010 2:52 PM
News about Bugles Across America: Our mission, volunteers, plus news of interest to veterans and supporters of the military.
By SuperUser Account on 12/26/2010 3:21 PM
Now that you are a member, you need to check your computer often for Bugler requests. Should you get a request ,you first check your schedule to be sure YOU can do the mission. then you hit accept mission. What happens then is that all others who got the request are informed the mission is taken. If you take a mission and then can't do it You as the acceptor have messed up the operation and the Family or Military is left holding the bag. Now, if your in an area where you are not known as a player I always suggest that you get a sheet of stationary and put a picture of you with horn on it and a brief story about how you are a member of the nationwide organization called BAA and that you are a qualified Taps player LIVE Taps , no batteries required. You play Taps from the Heart so the Veterans Dignity is not Stolen with some kind of a recording device. Make copies, and hand deliver to Vet's posts, area guard and reserve units, cemeteries, old peoples homes, fire and police PR people, and of course Funeral Directors...
By SuperUser Account on 12/20/2010 12:13 PM
Dear Tom, Those of us planning and presenting the Rededication of Oak Park’s Peace Triumphant Memorial (originally dedicated to local World War I vets) earlier this month were honored by your participation. Your presence as founder and leader of Bugles Across America wearing a World War I uniform added to the historic significance of the occasion. Thanks for your patience, humility and generosity extending over several months, and for your artistry and professionalism on our Rededication day. These virtues and talents of yours helped make this a quality event for the 700-800 people present. The echo taps you recommended and performed so beautifully focused and expressed the day’s meaning for all of us. This was another rewarding collaboration with you at this magnificent memorial in Scoville Park (the first being for the 100th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway, whose name is on the monument). It is an appealing prospect to work together with you again in the not-so-distant future. Gratefully, Redd...
By SuperUser Account on 11/25/2010 9:45 AM
Today, I was moved to tears my friends. Literally. I had asked the folks there at B.A.A. if there was any way they could help me find another horn as mine had been destroyed in a move. I didn't think much of ever actually hearing back from anybody because I know how hard times are. However...As I was leaving my home to go pick my wife up from wor, a U.P.S. truck pulled up and asked me if my name was Tony Tincher. I of course said yes, and the man promptly handed me a box. I looked at the return address and saw Mr. Tom Day ond B.A.A. on it and my heart leaped as a huge frog began to creep into my throat I opened the box and Behold.. rite there, in front of me in a beautiful case was a gorgeous, Traditional Style Valveless Cavalry BUGLE!! Exactly like the one I have played at several events. All I can say is Ain't America GREAT? God Bless Bugles Across America, and God Bless America and her Hero's. Thank you so very much, now with a little practice, as I have been out a while I will be able to follow...
By SuperUser Account on 11/15/2010 10:29 AM
A message from Bugler, Founder , and President of BAA.... At the start of 2010 I had an offer from a friend to help raise funds for what we do. Sounded great. Problem was they needed to get more involved with the BAA web site. The other problem came up about March when Dave Krause our long time Web Master had to take some time for his business. So the result was we had people tell us "No Problem" they could do this better, oddly that was around April 1st. Not being an IT man I said please help. The man they got was Dan Petrek who did his best. Then we found IT Architechs in St. Louis. They were suggested by State Director and EAST National Director Howard Reitenbaugh, Pa. So, for the past month or so they have been converting BAA into a working unit again using the same format Dave Krause used. Dot-Net-Nuke. All this cost me a few dollars but now well worth it. In the future when all Directors are tuned in as to how to operate the system we will be well ahead of where we were in January 2010 . During...
By SuperUser Account on 10/11/2010 10:12 AM
The Montgomery County Police Reporter recently showed a video of an equipment malfunction ... where an unfortunate "bugler" had is electronic bugle fail to work.

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