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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Apr 23

Written by: JDay
4/23/2011 2:19 PM  RssIcon

The family of Spec. Michelle M. Witmer (see link) have agreed to participate in our pre –Memorial Day Activities at Wood, on Friday 27 May.

We wanted to Muster at the “Memorial Area” Rally Point at Wood at 0830 - and conduct the following PROPOSED short Memorial Service, as follows:

1.) A short Benediction (my Church Pastor an ex-USMC Vietnam Vet will handle this piece)

2.) LTC Kaderavek’s men (if they will agree) will then raise a 5’ x 9-1/2’ flag we have prepared for this purpose on the main Flag Pole - alongside the Civil War Monument at Wood (with Bugler Sounding “To the Colors” – Bill Seaman of “Bugles Across America” has agreed to do this part)

3.) The same Honor Guard will lower the Flag to the Bugle Call of: “Retreat” (Bill Seaman again)

4.)  Flag Folding by LTC Kaderavek’s men - with the group presentation of those folded Colors to Michelle Witmer’s parents.

5.) “Echo Taps” sounded by Bill Seaman and Dan Miller.

6.) I have asked Cheryl McCrary (a local singing talent) to perform the song: “Requiem for a Soldier” (a.k.a. the Theme from the HBO Motion Picture “Band of Brothers”).

7.) Short Remarks and Instructions from Ray Miller – the Wood Cemetery Director.

8.) Dismissal - so that the GE Veterans and their friends and family can begin placing flags in front of the tombstones.   

Note: as last year…all of this activity will be filmed…with the intent of creating another short Documentary – at the end of which - all Organizations (including Eder Flag…who provided the US Flag mentioned above) that contributed with time and manpower….will receive film credits.

With warmest regards, 

Vincent H. Schwalbe

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