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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Register with Bugles Across America
Interested in volunteering to help with Bugles Across America as a bugler? Please fill out the form below; one of our state directors will contact you soon to determine your skill level, and  to hear you  sound Taps. Per the Directives for Buglers, all volunteer buglers are required to pass an audition. 
Registration Form

DirectivesFor Buglers
 Additional Terms: By completing this registration, you are declaring that you have never been convicted of a felony crime, and are  not currently listed on any Sex Offender Registry, State or National. Furthermore, you understand that if you are ever accused of a sex crime, or charged with a felony, that you are required to contact Tom Day, Founder of Bugles Across America nfp (or current president), immediately, and that your membership in Bugles Across America nfp will be suspended, pending adjudication of such charges. Convictions of felonies and or sex crimes will result in permanent expulsion from membership. 



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